Danielle Charak

Danielle is a proud and committed member of our Jewish community and have been connected with many of its organisations, either as a committee member or as a speaker. She grew up in a Yiddish speaking home and was given an education in Yiddish and Yiddish culture. After completing the Sholem Aleichem Sunday School and a teacher training course she became a teacher of Yiddish. Danielle graduated from Melbourne University and trained as a Secondary teacher of history and of modern languages. From her earliest memory she wanted to become a teacher and values the profession. During her teaching career which spans over 60 years, she taught at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.
Danielle spent 10 years as a Broadcaster/Journalist at SBS Radio, heading the Yiddish Language program for most of that time. She has held communal positions and was responsible for the portfolios of Education (NCJW) and Overseas Jewry (NCJW & JCCV), the latter at a time of intense campaigning for the release of Jews from the then Soviet Union. For four years she worked as Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Jewish Affairs, a body whose goal was to engage the Australian Jewish community in exploring Jewish life and ideas around the globe.
Danielle has done much translation work mostly from Yiddish to English and from English to Yiddish. Since her childhood she has recited Yiddish poetry. Danielle has been asked numerous times to speak, chair or participate in public events.
Daniele is passionate about education, about the values of social justice, equality amongst human beings, gender equality and lives with deep faith that the peoples of the world will learn to live harmoniously on this planet as our prophets foresaw.