Helen Greenberg – Strategy Officer

Helen Greenberg is a passionate, life-long educator and has been Principal of Sholem Aleichem College for over 10 years.
Helen grew up surrounded by Yiddish, you could say it is in her blood. Her parents were deeply immersed in Yiddishkayt, speaking Yiddish at home, imbedded in Melbourne Yiddish life, including serving on Kadimah Committees, and as the owners of Goldy’s Restaurant – a hive of Jewish activity, full of the warmth of our community and the hamishe aromas and tastes of its cuisine.
She began her education at Sholem Aleichem Kindergarten, then progressed to Sholem Aleichem Sunday School, graduating in Year 10. It was in her early days, and especially through her time at Skif, that the seeds were laid for her to be a strong supporter of Yiddish education. These ties were further strengthened by her involvement with Kadimah Theatre productions, working tirelessly in front and back of stage.
Helen always wanted to be a teacher and after a time as manager of Goldy’s, she completed her Teaching Degree. Her first school was Beaumaris High, and then she moved on to Wesley College, eventually becoming Director of Special Education and also Director of International Students. Moving to America with her husband she taught at the Solomon Schechter Day School in Livingstone, New Jersey, and it was there she realised that working in a Jewish Day School was where she belonged.
Upon her return to Melbourne, Helen was soon appointed Principal of Sholem Aleichem College. She believes that she has now come full circle – from a kindergarten student to the Principal of the College, where she can pursue her mission of inspiring, leading and educating the next generation of Melbourne’s Jewish Community with a love of the Yiddish Language and Yiddishkayt. Helen passionately believes that a young age is the best time to instil in children a love of Yiddish language and a strong Jewish identity, helping them to build menshlechkayt
Working as part of a team, Helen was instrumental in bringing back the In One Voice festival to Melbourne after a 10 year hiatus. In One Voice is a unique opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate Yiddishkayt and all of the wonderful diversity we have within the Melbourne Jewish community.
Going hand in glove with her role at Sholem is her desire for the School and Kadimah to have a strong and close relationship. She is delighted to be working as part of the Kadimah Board to help with its renaissance as a vibrant centre for the spreading of Yiddish language, culture, arts and tradition throughout Melbourne and indeed the world.