Lilly Kochen – Co-Vice-President

Lilly grew up singing and acting in Yiddish at the Kadimah and has a love of Yiddish culture in her genes.

In 1988 she brought the Concert in the Park – In One Voice project to the Kadimah to co-auspice.

She went on to produce and perform in a number of productions for the Kadimah.
In 19xx, she was first invited to join the Kadimah board. She returned to the board in 20xx and is currently Vice President.

Lilly is also the director of a group of Physiotherapy practices and has served on a Jewish school board, where she was elected President. She remains a governor of Sholem Aleichem College.

Lilly is passionate about supporting the development of Yiddish culture and bridging the generations for smooth succession planning of the Kadimah Board and for the future of Yiddish cultural expression.

Lilly is part of the team leading the creation and development of the Jewish Cultural Precinct around the current Kadimah in Selwyn Street, and sees this project and the Kadimah’s leadership as pivotal to di goldene keyt – the continuity of the Melbourne Jewish community.