Saturday July 29, at the Kadimah

YID! take centuries old Yiddish songs, throws them in the pot with the sounds of Duke Ellington’s 1930s Big Band sound, add a dash of 1960s Free Jazz and the saltiness of late 1970s New York avantgarde Funk, and create a daring new fusion. 

Powered by Eletronica artists Puretone and Honeysmack, and voiced by Indie-Pop poster boys Husky, YID! creates music for the mind, body and neshama (soul) .

Post WWII, Yiddish song lived in the hearts of survivors of the Shoah, but for most people it was a museum piece that was an artifact of a different time and place most often associated with the discomfort of the Shtetl.

Since the 1990s, bands like the Klezmatics have reclaimed this incredibly rich culture, brought it on to a larger stage, and allowed it to live again. Melbourne groups like Yidcore and the Bashevis Singers have further added new influences in to the mix to create a broader profile for the Yiddish language and traditional Yiddish song. 

YID! takes these developments and adds yet more to the melange, in a Yiddishe-Mama Ship that has the flexibility to completely reinvent and recast Yiddish culture every time it performs. 

The players in YID! are among the most credentialed in the Australian Jazz scene, each leaders of their own projects. Klezmer elements allow the band to reference traditional sounds while adding contemporary touches, adding to the accessibility of Yiddish music without sacrificing its soulful core.

YID! is a new and unique musical enterprise, not unlike the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no man has gone before. There have been Funk bands, Big Bands, Klezmer groups, Electronic Dance Music troupes; never before have they been combined in to one pile-driving unit that brings this beautiful music to a broad audience. YID!s charter is to create a multi-sensory experience where the Yiddish language, group improvisation, dance and poetry combine to drag this vital and amazing culture firmly in to the 21st century and beyond. 


Doors open 8pm, concert starts 9pm.


שבת דעם 29טן יולי שין דער קדימה

די מוזיק גרופּע ייִד! נעמט אַלטע ייִדישע לידער,  מישט זיי אויס מיט נײַע קלאַנגען פון די 1930ער, 1960ער און 1970ער  און מיט עלעקטראָנישע קלאַנגען און שאפט אַ נײַע מוזיק.  די וואָס האָבן זיי געהערט אין דעם מוזיק פעסטיוואַל אין איין קול זענען געווען אַנציקט מיט זייער אויפטריט און זייער קאַפּעליע פון 22 אינסטרומענטן

ייִד טרעט ווידער אויף אין דער קדימה אָבער בלויז מיט איין קאָנצערט

:בילעטן קען מען באשטעלן

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