Dedicated Community Members

Officers and Executive Members

At the helm of the Kadimah Board is Renata Singer.

Renata Singer
Renata SingerPresident
Renata Singer is a writer, educator and kultur tuer, community activist.

Becoming President of the Kadimah has given her the opportunity to blend her expertise in the not-for-profit sector with her love of the Yiddish language and culture. She is only the second woman President in the Kadimah’s history. Read more…

Lilly Kochen
Lilly KochenCo-Vice-President
Lilly grew up singing and acting in Yiddish at the Kadimah and has a love of Yiddish culture in her genes. Read more…
Joe TigelCo-Vice-President
Joe has served nearly 30 continuous years on the Kadimah Board of Directors and was practically born on the Kadimah stage. Read more…
Alex Dafner
Alex DafnerHon Secretary
Alex Dafner was born to Yiddish-speaking parents in Lodz, Poland in 1949 and studied Yiddish at the Lodz Peretz School. Read more…
Dor Yacobovich
Dor YacobovichTreasurer
Dor is a finance professional with an MBA and over 10 years experience in the public sector. Read more…
David Burstin
David BurstinAssistant Treasurer
David Burstin has had a lifelong connection with Secular Yiddishkayt which started in the Yiddish shtetl of Carlton, where he was born. Read more…
Helen Greenberg
Helen GreenbergStrategy Officer
Helen Greenberg is a passionate, life-long educator and has been Principal of Sholem Aleichem College for over 10 years. Read more…

Ordinary Members

Danielle Charak
Danielle Charak
Danielle is a proud and committed member of our Jewish community and have been connected with many of its organisations, either as a committee member or as a speaker. Read more…
Judith Reuben
Judith Reuben
Mrs Judith Reuben joined the Board in 2017. She worked as a psychologist and then Director of Court Counselling at the Family Court of Australia until completing law at Melbourne University. Read more…
Diane Shonberg
Diane was born into a Yiddish speaking family. When she started Sholem Aleichem Kindergarten in Elsternwick, she had to learn English. Read more…
Leon Jacobs
Leon Jacobs
Being the grandson of Genia Wasserman and the son of Chayele Storch, the Yiddish language and Yiddish theatre has always been prominent in Leon’s environment and upbringing. Read more…

Our Team

The Kadimah team is always there to help.

Adam Kreuzer
Adam KreuzerChief Executive Officer
Adam brings to Kadimah a knowledge, sensitivity and understanding of the Melbourne Jewish Community. Read more…
Fay Burstin
Fay BurstinCultural Producer
Fay Burstin joined the Kadimah as Cultural Producer in late 2015, helping bring to life many sold-out events. Read more…