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Kadimah Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

The President and Board of the Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library (Kadimah) affirm that the Kadimah:

  • Has ZERO tolerance to any child abuse or any form of child sexual abuse
  • Is committed to placing the safety, health and wellbeing of children as paramount
  • Is committed to working for the best interests of children and their safety
  • Seeks to listen to and empower children

We are committed to the protection and safety of all children that attend Kadimah events, Kadimah premises or participate in Kadimah programs.

All children and young people have the right to feel and be safe and comfortable in all Kadimah environments.

This policy encompasses all Kadimah Board members, Kadimah staff, volunteers, committee / working group / reference group members and any children who might be involved it the Kadimah or any of our activities or programs.

We encourage all children to have a say about matters that are important to them, and we will listen to their suggestions or concerns.


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