At the 107th Annual General Meeting David Burstin, Treasurer of the Kadimah, was awarded a Life Membership for his tireless work for the Kadimah, and his deep love and commitment to Yiddishkayt and the Yiddish language.

Renata Singer, President of the Kadimah, presenting the award at the Kadimah AGM on Monday May 14th 2018, commented that his father, Sender Burstin, would be looking down from yener velt and sheping nakhes from this moment.

Enumerating his achievements, she said, “All this David has done despite some serious health problems. David is a good person – an real mentsh – and an absolute treasure for the Kadimah, Yiddish and Yiddishkayt.  Even his 80th birthday – a joyous and joyful event, held here at the Kadimah of course – was a fundraiser for the Kadimah and Sholem Aleichem College.”

In his speech accepting the Life Membership Award, David said:  “My father Sender Burstin arrived in Melbourne in May 1928 and in late June he gave a speech at the Kadimah about the situation for Jews in Poland.  This award celebrates 90 years continuous involvement of the Burstin family with the Kadimah.”