Exciting announcement:  On Friday 12th October, we were proud to host some very special guests at Habo, Sholem and Kadimah including Premier Daniel Andrews who announced he would be committing $500K now and a further $1M if the Labor government is re-elected to the Jewish Cultural and Arts Precinct (JCAP) that is planned for the area.  This is an important step in the JCAP development which can now kick off in earnest. Our thanks go out to all those who have been involved in this planning to date and to the Andrews Government for their generous support.  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development.
Joe Tigel, Kadimah Vice-President, outlining the Precinct plans.
Left to right: Barry Fradkin, President Jewish Museum, Rebecca Forgasz, CEO  Jewish Museum, Premier Daniel Andrews, Joe Tigel, Vice-President, Kadimah.
In back: Nina Taylor, Labor Candidate for Southern Metropolitan Region, Sorina Grasso, Labor Candidate for Caulfield.